Saturday, April 2, 2011


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This BONUS episode features Film Critic Dave “Dr. Shock” Becker of and Planet Macabre — The Premier International Horror Movie Podcast and The Creepture Feature Horror Show. Also featuring filmmaker Torben Bernhard, director of “The Sonosopher: Alex Caldiero... in Life, in Sound”

Also featuring an interview with actress Ashley C. Williams of “The Human Centipede (First Sequence)”


This episode explores explicit content that may be inappropriate or offensive to many listeners. We discuss the details of some of the cinema’s most extreme, most shocking imagery. Listener discretion is advised.

Considering the Sequels is a monthly film podcast that examines the merits and weaknesses of specific movie franchises. But this BONUS episode varies from our usual format and gives us the opportunity to discuss Extreme and Shock Cinema. Right-click the title of this post to download this episode free.

Your hosts are Andy Howell, Karl Huddleston and Jason Pyles. Download this episode to find out how you can win some FREE DVDs!


I. Introduction

II. Ratings of Best Picture Nominees and Winners, 1984 - 2010 (05:52)

III. Dr. Shock’s Historical Context for Extreme and Exploitation Cinema (13:55)

IV. Exploitation Films: A Primer by Dr. Shock (35:53)

V. Critical Views on “Bonnie & Clyde” (52:20)

VI. Critical Views on “Chaos” (57:32)

VII. Welcome Special Guest Torben Bernhard (1:02:15)

VIII. Jason’s Hierarchy of Horror and Extreme Cinema (1:13:13)

IX. Director Torben Bernhard: Advocate for Filmic and Artistic Freedom (1:15:42)

X. The Debate Over “In Cold Blood” (1:18:49)

XI. Depictions of Sexuality in Film (1:22:56)

XII. “The Human Centipede (First Sequence)” (1:26:28)

XIII. Interview with Actress Ashley C. Williams (1:30:55)

XIV. Many Mini Reviews and Listing of Shock Films (1:43:33)

XV. Feedback From Various Experts (2:09:09)

XVI. The Hosts’ Individual Verdicts on Extreme and Shock Cinema (2:14:50)

— DVD Give-Away Contest Details (2:22:12)

Wrap-Up / End Credits (2:22:12)

End Time (2:26:46)

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Thanks to our official sponsor, Heftel Studios, and thanks to the Dave Eaton Element for the use of its music. (Hear Dave’s latest song here!)

Thanks to our guests, Dave “Dr. Shock” Becker (of and director Torben Bernhard (“The Sonosopher: Alex Caldiero... in Life, in Sound"). And we thank actress Ashley C. Williams [“The Human Centipede (First Sequence)"] for interviewing with us.

We also thank Dr. Vic Cera for his insights, as well as horror film purist BillChete and the HellHunter (Planet Macabre) and “Halloween” enthusiast GregaMortis (The Creepture Feature Horror Show). And thanks to Kara Brewer for her graphic designs and Bill Barnes for his concept art.

The interview with Ashley C. Williams was recorded on March 11, 2011, and this bonus episode was recorded on March 20, 2011.


  1. Jason: A truly remarkable job of editing. You took what could have been a disaster and turned it into something wonderful! While it's a shame most of what Andy and Karl wasn't salvageable (you guys had some great comments throughout the show), you still managed to make it a great listen.

    One thing I wanted to correct (a mistake I made because I was talking too fast): MATINEE is NOT a 1933 film. Seeing as I said it was directed by Joe Dante and starred John Goodman, that would have been quite a trick! What I meant to say was it's a 1993 film. Also, at one point I said API when I meant AIP (as in American International Productions). I may have more mistakes in there, but right now I'm only 1/2 way through the show. If so, I'll correct them here.

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to come on the show and talk about extreme cinema. I had a great time!

    Dave (Dr. Shock)

  2. Thanks for your kind words, Dr. Shock. I also regret that Karl and Andy are hardly in this episode. Apologies to Karl and Andy. JP

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