Sunday, July 24, 2011


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This BONUS episode features broadcast news cameraman and professor Brian Champagne

Considering the Sequels is a monthly film podcast that examines the merits and weaknesses of specific movie franchises. But this BONUS episode varies from our usual format and gives us the opportunity to discuss news media and journalism movies — and how they compare to the real-life profession.

Your hosts are Andy Howell, Karl Huddleston and Jason Pyles. Download this episode to hear Karl and Brian Champagne name names and point fingers!


I. Introduction

II. Karl’s Episode Description / His Girl Friday (06:23)

III. Switching Channels (21:22)

IV. The Paper (48:13)

V. Broadcast News (59:14)

VI. Tim Harrower’s Five Myths About Reporters (1:15:40)

— A Word About Our Official Sponsor, Heftel Studios (1:17:48)

VII. Listener Voice Mails (1:18:56)

(1:19:21) Question from Don from Utah

(1:23:35) Question from Fred from Ohio

(1:29:09) Question from Bethany from West Virginia

(1:33:04) Question from Linda from Utah

(1:38:25) Question from Cody Clark from Utah

Wrap-Up / End Credits (1:41:05)

End Time (1:43:43)

Special Links to People Mentioned in This Episode:

Tom Hanson

Tim Harrower

Fred Connors’ Cold Cases Web site

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Thanks to our official sponsor, Heftel Studios, and thanks to the Dave Eaton Element for the use of its music. Hear Dave’s latest song here! Thanks to our guest, Mr. Brian Champagne, for joining us.

This BONUS episode was recorded on June 12, 2011.

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