Friday, November 26, 2010

Ep. 6 - AIRPORT - November 2010

Featuring special guest Eric Fichtner, First Officer for a regional airline and pilot of the ERJ 145

Considering the Sequels is a monthly film podcast that examines the merits and weaknesses of specific movie franchises. Right-click the title of this post to download this episode free.

In Episode 6 we consider the “Airport” movies. This episode also includes a concept discussion in which we list non-classic movies that have a holiday back-drop. And, as always, we each give mini reviews of recent film releases and whatever else we’ve been watching lately.

Your hosts are Andy Howell, Karl Huddleston and Jason Pyles. Download this episode to hear theories about which weighs more — a submarine or a 747. Also, learn what movie is the poster child for cinematic dead horse beating.


— How to Win a Free Roger Ebert’s Movie Yearbook 2009 (04:10)

I. Mini Reviews

Karl — Hereafter (05:12), Red (06:36), My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend (07:11)

Eric — Taken (09:27), The Book of Eli (14:33), Robin Hood (15:27)

Jason — You Only Live Twice (17:49)

Andy — Paranormal Activity 2 (26:58)

II. Concept Discussion: Non-Classic Movies That Have a Holiday Back-Drop (33:00)

- Andy’s List (33:54)

- Karl’s List (35:40)

- Eric’s List (39:18)

- Jason’s List (45:37)

— A Brief Message About Our Sponsor, Heftel Studios (52:09)

III. Considering the Sequels: Airport

- Airport (53:20)

- Airport 1975 (1:11:53)

- Airport ’77 (1:30:19)

- The Concorde... Airport ’79 (1:47:44)

- Franchise Overview (2:05:18)

Wrap-Up / Credits (2:08:47)

End Time (2:11:54)

Eric, Andy, Karl and Jason give their collective verdict on this franchise, from 0 to 100:

Airport = 69

Airport 1975 = 72

Airport ’77 = 71

The Concorde... Airport ’79 = 24 (cinematic dead horse beating)

Overall Franchise = 73

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Thanks to our official sponsor, Heftel Studios, and thanks to the Dave Eaton Element for the use of Dave’s music. Thanks to our guest, airline pilot Eric Fichtner, for appearing on our show. He might be your “captain speaking” the next time your fly the friendly skies. Thanks to Kara Brewer for her graphic designs and Bill Barnes for his artistic vision. Thanks to The /Filmcast for inspiring this podcast.

Episode 6 was recorded on November 2, 2010.

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  1. my scientific mind tends to agree with andy on the float/sink debate. suck it.

    the best part is hearing jason laugh until he cries. i haven't heard that since "fill farnes".